Digital Life Media Productions was created to meet the demands of both individuals and companies searching for high quality digital content to be used in a variety of mixed media outlets. Our productions can be seen on Corporate branding websites, social media, and individual portfolios across multiple media types and devices.

We strive to produce the highest quality content even surpassing what is the standard today, and ensuring our production not only meets current standards but the standards of the future which is why we shoot every video in 4K.

While we produce and edit videos & commercials in a variety of different genres, we specialize in production for the following industries:

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Real Estate Management

  • Construction Media

  • Music Entertainment


Our vision is to provide the best quality digital content that we can provide for your budget. Not every client has the same needs, but one thing that we deliver regardless of creative instruction is 4k digital content for different platforms and it all starts with our gear.

  • All Video and Photo is shot on industry leading Sony full frame sensors and we shoot in 4K

  • Not your ordinary drone. We shoot with DJI Inspire One advanced cinedrone. There is simply put nothing better in the drone world.

  • Editing and Colorizing: we treat your project like a motion picture color enhancing each clip for its full potential

  • Music: Its got to be right. We can also provide completely custom music production for the right style and theme.


We take a lot of pride in being different... setting ourselves apart from competitors.. and delivering your brand in the way you want. To do that we believe in personal attention and customer service. We want your input and we want to deliver the content that will exceed your expectations.


The process:

Step One: Schedule a design consultation. We want to know what your brand looks like so we can integrate property videos and digital content to fit seamlessly into your pre-existing website and other social media outlets.

Step Two: Introduce relative collateral. Bulletpoints...  Amenities... Property highlights...  Features and Benefits... they are all important to us. We want to know what we need to include so we can drive you message home.

Step Three: Develop a production schedule to meet your deadline.

Step Four: We shoot your production and we upload digital proofs for your review. Upon final review and after revisions, we deliver your content digitally.


  • This is not a subscription. We will never capture your content and hold it hostage by making you subscribe to another service.

  • You have creative control over the template. This occurs during the design consultation to ensure design integration with your current platform.

  • You OWN the content. At final proof – the content is your to use on you own website.. Social media.. You tube… (you could even potentially monetize this over time with enough views – to help offset content creation costs).

  • We provide redundant servers to store original media for a determined length of time and we offer low-cost touch-up videos periodically to make sure we keep content fresh and updated as communities are updated/renovated.

  • We also streamline professional photography, construction video timeline documentation, and other online digital media content creation.